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WhiteHouse.gov Releases Open Source Code

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schliz writes “The White House has released four custom modules for the Drupal content management system. The modules address scalability, communication, and accessibility for disabled users, and the release is expected to benefit both the Drupal community and the WhiteHouse.gov site as the code is reviewed and improved by the open source community.” Reader ChiefMonkeyGrinder adds an opinion piece with a somewhat envious view from the UK: “Open source is treated as something akin to devil-worshipping in some parts of government. So, the idea that a major project in the government backyard would be based on something as basic as Drupal is pretty far-fetched. No, this side of the Atlantic would have involved a closed-tender process; a decision made by closed doors based on proprietary software and we’d be completely in the dark about costs, about delays, and about functionality.”

Source: WhiteHouse.gov Releases Open Source Code

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