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Next Gen iPhone Prototype “Very Close” To Final Design

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iPhone prototype in final phase of design

Ever since Gizmodo published pictures of the next generation iPhone, there have been a lot of questions raised over the prototype's closeness to the final shipping product. Apple has traditionally developed several prototypes of its upcoming devices before a final decision on the design is taken.

This is one reason why the new iPhone prototype published by Gizmodo did not completely match with the pictures posted by a Chinese Twitter user earlier this year. 

However, John Gruber from Daring Fireball believes that the iPhone images posted on Gizmodo resemble Apple's final design "very closely, if not exactly". In a recent blog posting, Gruber writes:

"According to Gizmodo, one of the barcodes attached to the unit read “N90_DVT_GE4X_0493”. According to several sources (of mine) familiar with the project, “N90” is Apple’s codename for the fourth-generation GSM iPhone, slated for release this June or July. “DVT” stands for “design verification test”, an Apple production milestone. The DVT milestone is very late in the game; based on this, I now believe that this unit very closely, if not exactly, resembles what Apple plans to release."

Gruber is not the only one who thinks so. Kyle Wiens, the CEO at iFixit, a company well known for their tear-down of Apple products in the past, agrees with Gruber's arguments. However, he points out that Apple has often removed features tested on prototypes at the last minute due to various factors. Wiens writes;

"It’s closer to production than I was expecting. I’d say this thing is very very close.

What sucks for Apple is if they have to cut features for some reason. Of course the prototypes would have all the features they’re considering (flash, camera, etc.). But realities force feature removal at the last minute, like they did with the iPod Touch. I’m sure the iPod Touch prototypes had cameras in them."

Wiens' arguments make it clear that the features available on the prototype need to be noted with guarded skepticism. 

We'll find out if the lost iPhone prototype ends up as the fourth generation iPhone with all the features Gizmodo has revealed along with the things we still don't know in couple of months when Apple launches its new iPhone during the WWDC 2010 Keynote address, which is expected in June. 

[via Daring Fireball, Cult of Mac]

Source: Next Gen iPhone Prototype “Very Close” To Final Design

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