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Ubuntu LTS Experiences X.org Memory Leak

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MonsterTrimble writes “Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Beta 2 is experiencing a major memory leak due to patches for X.org. ‘An X.Org Server update that was pushed into the Lucid repository last week has resulted in the system being slower and slower as its left on until it reaches a point where the system is no longer usable. … In order to make the Ubuntu 10.04 LTS deadline, the developers are looking at just reverting three of the patches, which brings the GLX version back to 1.2. Ubuntu developers are now desperate for those willing to test out this updated X.Org Server package so they can determine by this Friday whether to ship it with Ubuntu 10.04 LTS or doing an early SRU (Stable Release Update). Right now this X.Org Server that’s being tested is living in the ubuntu-x-swat PPA.’”

Source: Ubuntu LTS Experiences X.org Memory Leak

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