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RCN P2P Settlement Is Not Even a Slap On the Wrist

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Ars covers the settlement of the RCN P2P throttling class-action lawsuit, which lets the company walk away without admitting guilt, without paying affected users, and without any meaningful restraint on their network management practices. “[The] settlement is due to be finalized on June 4… the case has largely flown under the radar. Yesterday, a notice… was issued that alerted RCN customers to the settlement, and one Ars reader was aghast at the terms. Those terms provide nothing for users affected by RCN’s practices. Instead, they require the cable company to change its network management practices. These changes are in two parts… These cessation periods would be retroactive… A moment’s math will tell you that, when the settlement is finally approved, one cessation period will already have ended and the other will be ending soon. Once both cessation periods are over, RCN is allowed to implement whatever throttling regime it wants. Given that a federal court has just removed the FCC’s authority to regulate network management, RCN appears to have carte blanche to single out BitTorrent and other P2P traffic for special throttling attention after November 1, 2010.”

Source: RCN P2P Settlement Is Not Even a Slap On the Wrist

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