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What Is the Future of Firewalls?

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jlmale0 writes “When I mess with my WAP/router at home or coordinate with the network team at work, it seems like I’m stuck in 1995. We’re still manually listing IP address/port combinations for our firewall rules. There’s a certain simplicity to this when dealing with a single system, but there are firewalls everywhere these days. What’s available for managing complex firewall arrangements? What’s being developed? Can I take a Visio diagram, run it through a script, and get a list of firewall rules? What about a GUI that illustrates the current system configuration and then lets me drag and drop systems across firewalls, and have the individual firewall ports automatically configured? What about tying a firewall into an authentication system so that when jdoe logs in, only then are the firewalls opened to pass her traffic? What about managing distributed firewalls so that one repository of rules opens up your system’s firewalls, the DMZ firewall, and the public firewall all at once? Let’s get a conversation started. What cool projects do I need to know about? What cool management features would you like to see? What’s next for firewall management?”

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