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iPhone OS 4.0 Reveals Facebook Contact And Event Integration

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Facebook integration found in iPhone OS 4.0

Users may soon be able to integrate their Facebook profile to their iPhone. Folks at Gunning for Safety have discovered some interesting details in iPhone OS 4.0 that points to a possible social network integration in future.

Evidence for this is provided in a system file associated with the iPhone Settings app that contains references to Facebook. 

This claim is also backed by Engadget who were able to discover similar information in the .plist files from a jailbroken iPhone running iPhone OS 4.0. Interestingly, the system also contains references to a generic "SocialKitInternal.framework". This could imply that an integration with other social networks like Twitter could soon be in the offing.

Facebook integration found in iPhone OS 4.0

Facebook integration found in iPhone OS 4.0

An option to integrate the user's Facebook account to their iPhone could be significant. As Gunning for Safety notes, the iPhone could now make use of Facebook contacts, profile pictures, events and messaging framework to enable better social interaction between the user and their real world contacts. This could also mean a possible unification of the iPhone's Calendar and Contacts app that may now be based on the synergy that already exists between Facebook's contacts and events applications.

This probably also explains the reason for the new "Linked Contacts" feature in iPhone OS 4.0.  The feature will allow users to designate a particular contact information as primary and link it to other contacts with the help of a "Link New Contacts" option. This will create a "Unified Info" listing that will display contact information from all linked contacts in a single screen. Since integration of users' iPhone contacts and those from Facebook could potentially cause duplication of listing in the contacts database, "Linked Contacts" feature might be a way to link the contacts and avoid duplication. 

Facebook integration found in iPhone OS 4.0

As you can see from the images above, Facebook integration could significantly alter the way users interact with their iPhone contacts. What do you think of such a feature? In what other ways do you think such an integration would be useful? Let us know in the comments.

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Source: iPhone OS 4.0 Reveals Facebook Contact And Event Integration

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