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EU Piracy Estimates — Just How Inaccurate?

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Last week we discussed news that a US government report questioned the reliability of piracy statistics from the media industry. Reader superapecommando sends in a follow-up written by Glyn Moody that examines a similar problem in Europe. Quoting:
“As far as I know, no similar analysis has been carried out for European reports. So I thought it might be interesting to look at one particular European report on the subject — not least because I’ve heard that its findings influenced some of the MPs voting on the Digital Economy Act. … the net result of this 68-page report, with all of its tables and detailed methodology, is that four out of the top five markets used for calculating the overall piracy loss in Europe draw on figures supplied by the recording industry itself. Those apparently terrifying new figures detailing the supposed loss of money and jobs due to piracy in Europe turn out to be little more than a re-statement of the industry’s previous claims in a slightly different form. As a result, as little credence can be placed in the report as in those criticised by the US GAO.”

Source: EU Piracy Estimates — Just How Inaccurate?

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