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The Sopranos Meet H-1B In New Jersey

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theodp writes “We smack this IT geek around a little, take him for a nice car ride, threaten to ‘take care of him’ if he doesn’t recant his story, give him 5 G’s for his trouble, and badda boom, badda bing, case dismissed. Federal prosecutors allege that an H-1B visa-holding IT employee who was owed some $53,000 in back wages was threatened in meetings at restaurants and in his home if he didn’t change his story. However, the victim captured some of what happened on tape, and two employees of an Illinois-based IT staffing company — not named in the indictment but identified by the NJ Star-Ledger as ComData Consulting Inc. of Rolling Meadows, IL — are now facing extortion-related charges and a possible 20 years in prison.”

Source: The Sopranos Meet H-1B In New Jersey

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