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Still Little To Do About a Bad ISP

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theY4Kman writes “The Washington Post reinforces the grim situation on Net Neutrality and limited ISP choices faced by Americans: ‘The FCC’s research shows that 78 percent of American households have access to only two land-based broadband providers and that 13 percent have one. Don’t expect that to improve. Many competing DSL services have left the market, spurred by the end of line-sharing in 2005 and other corporate consolidations. A few months ago, for instance, AT&T elected to close its WorldNet DSL service. Meanwhile, technologies that were once promoted as alternatives to phone and cable-based services have flopped. City-wide WiFi access … turned out to be a business bust. The power-line broadband that then-FCC Chairman Michael Powell lauded as having “great promise” in 2004 fared no better: Last week, Manassas voted to unplug its pioneering service. … We have a situation full of lawyerly jargon, with risks that can’t be dramatized by putting a sick kid on a stage. I hope you like your Internet provider, because you may be stuck with it for a while.’”

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