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File Sharing Remains a Perk of College Life

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An anonymous reader points out a story on the effect of a new law on file sharing on campuses — in short, it may not make much difference. “Students who are about to graduate often hand down the tricks of stealing music and movies to the next senior class… At the College of New Jersey, that means surreptitiously finding a new home each year for a computer holding an enormous directory of illegal files on the campus. … The machine runs software called Direct Connect, which lets people on a local network easily trade files among their hard drives in a way that is usually undetectable to anyone outside the network. … Educause recently unveiled a website with information about the new regulations. It provides case studies from six ‘role-model campuses,’ listing the steps they are taking to combat piracy. Another page lists 57 legal sources of music and movies on the Web. But when asked which campuses have forged new policies in reaction to the law, Educause officials were unable to name any.”

Source: File Sharing Remains a Perk of College Life

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