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Twitter Grows Up, Adds “Promoted Tweets”

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CWmike writes “Twitter is finally taking off the training wheels and moving into the world where real businesses tread with the launch on Tuesday of its first advertising model, dubbed ‘Promoted Tweets.’ The microblogging phenom has long avoided coming up with a business plan or even talking about one. But the time has come for Twitter to figure out how to make money over the long haul. Analyst Dan Old isn’t so sure that Twitter users will welcome the change. ‘There will be a vocal minority of users who will hate any advertising at all,’ Olds said. ‘[Many] users understand that it’s necessary and will accept it as long as it doesn’t interfere with their usage. But if the ads look like regular tweets, that could cause some serious outrage from users who feel that Twitter is attempting to deceive them.’”

Source: Twitter Grows Up, Adds “Promoted Tweets”

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