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Windows 95 Running On An iPad?

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Jailbroken iPad running Windows 95

Late last week, popular iPhone jailbreaking expert Geohot released the first pictures of an iPad running in verbose mode to demonstrate that the recently launched tablet device from Apple was jailbroken.

While the photos no doubt confirmed that the iPad was jailbroken, Geohot is yet to release the jailbreaking tools.

Geohot is apparently not the only person to have jailbroken the iPad so far. 

Russian social gaming developer Pavel Egorkin claims that he has also successfully jailbroken his iPad. And the proof? Egorkin has released a video of Windows 95 running on his new tablet device, using an emulator called BOCHS, modified for the iPad.

We're not exactly convinced about the authenticity of the video. Let us know if you think it's real or fake? 

[via TechCrunch]

Source: Windows 95 Running On An iPad?

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