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How To Turn Your iPhone Into A Wireless Camera For Your iPad

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Turn your iPhone Into Your iPad's Camera

Still complaining about the lack of camera on your newly purchased iPad?

If you also own an iPhone 3GS, here is a simple way to pair up your iDevices together so that you can turn your iPhone into a wireless camera for the iPad.

Camera A (iTunes link) and Camera B (iTunes link) are two apps that can help you in this regard. To get started, users need to download the Camera A app to their iPad and Camera B app to their iPhone 3GS. Once done, turn on the bluetooth to connect the iPad with the iPhone and then launch the two applications. You will now see that the Camera A app on your iPad is able to display images from your iPhone's camera. 

To capture a picture on your iPad, simply tap on the camera icon at the bottom of the app screen. This will save the image transmitted from your iPhone camera to your iPad. Additionally, users can also choose to simultaneously save the images on the iPhone by turning the 'Save To iPhone Library' setting on.

Turn your iPhone Into Your iPad's Camera

The app does not actually transmit images directly from the iPhone camera. Rather, images from the camera are displayed on the iPhone screen and the apps simply mirror the iPhone's display on to the iPad's screen thus allows user to view and take photos on their iPad. 

The Camera B app will work only with an iPhone 3GS. Camera A app for the iPad is priced at $0.99 while the Camera B app for iPhone can be downloaded for free. 

It's quite a lame and expensive solution (cost of an iPhone + $0.99 for the app) to add a camera to the iPad, which ideally should have been built-in. This solution could be better used (only if you have both devices) to bring video conferencing capabilities to the iPad. 

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