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ISO 9001-Compliant Document Control?

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SmoothBreaker writes “Coming into a new company, I have been tasked with sourcing Document Control software to meet ISO 9001 standards. From everything I can find, ISO places no requirements on the software itself, aside from maintaining control of documentation and process. This was discussed eleven years ago. I’d like software that allows intuitive use for our less savvy users, and in a perfect world, graphical access to previous revisions of a document. I’ve used Microsoft’s SharePoint, which the higher-ups like simply because it’s Microsoft, but thankfully they trust their Tech Department to find the cream of the crop. What experience do you have with this kind of software, what would you recommend using, and what should I avoid?”

Source: ISO 9001-Compliant Document Control?

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  • http://manedge.com Kirby Walker

    Hello Smoothbreaker,

    I work in product development for Manedge Software which publishes a document control application called Carmen Documents. It sounds like what you are looking for. I’ll be happy to provide you info without any sales talk, if you want. I’m at kirby@manedge.com.


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