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Proposal To Limit ISP Contact Data Draws Fire

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An anonymous reader writes “A proposal to let Internet service providers conceal the contact information for their business customers is drawing fire from a number of experts in the security community, who say the change will make it harder to mitigate the threat from spam and malicious software, according to a story at Krebsonsecurity.com. From the piece: ‘The American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) — one of five regional registries worldwide that is responsible for allocating blocks of Internet addresses — later this month will consider a proposal to ease rules that require ISPs to publish address and phone number information for their business customers. Proponents of the plan couch it in terms of property rights and privacy, but critics say it will only lead to litigation and confusion, while aiding spammers and other shady actors who obtain blocks of addresses by posing as legitimate businesses.’”

Source: Proposal To Limit ISP Contact Data Draws Fire

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