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Rupert Murdoch Hates Google, Loves the iPad

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Hugh Pickens writes “The Register reports that News Corp boss Rupert Murdoch, speaking at the National Press Club in Washington, reiterated his disgust at how search engines handle news and called on old media to rethink how their stories are distributed on the web. ‘It’s produced a river of gold, but those words are being taken mostly from the newspapers,’ said Rupert. ‘I think they ought to stop it, that the newspapers ought to stand up and let them do their own reporting.’ Murdoch added that the iPad was a ‘wonderful tool’ for listening to music, watching videos and reading newspapers. ‘It may well be the saving of the newspaper industry,’ by making it cheaper to distribute content to a broader audience, Murdoch said. ‘I’m old, I like the tactile experience of the newspaper,’ Murdoch said. ‘(But) if you have less newspapers and more of these, that’s OK. It doesn’t destroy the traditional newspaper, it just comes in a different form.’”

Source: Rupert Murdoch Hates Google, Loves the iPad

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