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Game Devs on the Future of PC Gaming

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Shacknews wraps up a developer panel at PAX East discussing the future of gaming on the PC. They cover topics including DRM, digital download platforms and cloud-based gaming services.
“Joe Kreiner of Terminal Reality: ‘If you look at it from a giant publisher perspective, then the numbers on the PC just really don’t make financial sense for you to bother with it. But if you start out with the mindset — you know, you’re targeting that group, you make a niched product that’s going do well, if you look at a lot of the titles on Steam, Torchlight’s a really good example — as long as you know that’s your audience to begin with, and you make something inside of a budget that you know you’re going to be selling those kinds of numbers, you can be very successful. I think it just takes a targeted developer. … There is no [PC] platform, really. It’s just a mish-mosh of hardware, an operating system that kind of supports games. The problem with that platform is, there’s no standards and piracy is rampant, so why would we want to make a video game for that platform unless you had some sort of draconian DRM thing to keep it from being stolen?”

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