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Another Contender For the Land Speed Record

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We’ve been following developments with the British-led Bloodhound-SSC, a jet car aiming to hit 1,000 mph in 2011 and shatter the land speed record. Now reaer Thea Chard writes in about a rival project from Washington state, one aiming at 800 mph before the end of 2010 — still plenty fast enough to break the record. “For the past 12 years Ed Shadle, 68, Keith Zanghi, 55, and their 44-man team have been racing to break the world land speed record with the North American Eagle, a converted 1957 F-104 Starfighter ‘turbojet car.’ Although the team is rushing to beat out their biggest contender, Bloodhound SSC from Great Britain, whose team leader holds the previous land speed record and has secured much more financial support for the project, Shadle and Zanghi hope to run the Eagle at around 800 mph later this year, breaking the sound barrier and setting a new world record for fastest land vehicle.”

Source: Another Contender For the Land Speed Record

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