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Grounded Russian Nuclear Sub Photographed With Sonar

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Lanxon sends in an intriguing piece from Wired: “This eerie wreck image is not computer generated. It’s the sonar image of Russian nuclear submarine B-159 (called K-159 before decommissioning), which has been lying 248m down in the Barents Sea, between Norway and Russia, since 2003. The Russian Federation hired Adus, a Scottish company that specializes in high-resolution sonar surveying, to evaluate if it would be possible to recover the wreck. ‘The operation was complicated as the submarine was very deep, so we had to use the sonar equipment mounted on a remotely operated vehicle’ [also pictured in the article], says Martin Dean, the managing director of Adus and a forensic-wreck archaeologist. ‘We also had a problem with the surveying due to the density of north Atlantic cod attracted to the sound of the sonar and the light of the cameras.’”

Source: Grounded Russian Nuclear Sub Photographed With Sonar

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