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Multi-Platform App Created Using Single Code Base

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andylim writes in with news of a reasonably impressive demonstration of the multi-platform capabilities of Adobe AIR. Christian Cantrell, a technical product manager at Adobe, has created an app for multiple platforms including OS X, Windows 7, Ubuntu, Android, iPhone OS, and iPad OS. What’s amazing is that all the platforms use the same code base. ‘The application is called iReverse, and it’s a fully functional Reversi game (complete with a pretty decent AI). Although iReverse is fun to play, the most amazing thing about the project is the fact that it runs in all these different environments completely unchanged. In other words, the exact same code base is used to build versions for five different environments. There’s no other platform in the world that can boast this level of flexibility — not even close.’” Cantrell says he will open-source the code for iReverse and document how he pulled this off.

Source: Multi-Platform App Created Using Single Code Base

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