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Android Copy of Young Woman Unveiled In Japan

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An anonymous reader writes “According to IEEE Spectrum, Japanese roboticist Hiroshi Ishiguro, who had previously built a robot copy of himself, has now created a new android — and it’s a ‘she.’ Geminoid F, a copy of a woman in her 20s with long dark hair, exhibits facial expressions more naturally than Ishiguro’s previous android. ‘Whereas the Geminoid HI-1 has some 50 actuators, the new Geminoid F has just 12. What’s more, the HI-1 robot requires a large external box filled with compressors and valves. With Geminoid F, the researchers embedded air servo valves and an air servo control system into its body, so the android requires only a small external compressor.’ It’s also much better looking. Has the Japanese android master finally overcome the uncanny valley?”

Source: Android Copy of Young Woman Unveiled In Japan

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