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New AI Challenge Is All About Wanton Destruction

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togelius writes “Previous years have seen a number of car racing competitions where neural nets, rule-based systems and other fancy AI techniques have been put to the test by letting them drive on a track and seeing who gets the best lap time. Recognizing that finding the Michael Schumacher of AI is not enough, a team of researchers from University of Wuerzburg now wants to find the Mad Max of AI. Their new competition is called ‘Demolition Derby’ and the goal is to ‘wreck all opponent cars by crashing into them without getting wrecked yourself.’ For this, they use the open-source TORCS game and a custom AI interface, allowing all and any AI researchers and enthusiasts (including you!) to submit their best and most aggressive controllers.” (There’s a competition for conventional racing, too; competitors can enter either or both.)

Source: New AI Challenge Is All About Wanton Destruction

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