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iPad Launches, FCC Teardown Leaked

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Apple’s much-awaited iPad officially launched today, and iFixit has gotten their hands on photos from the FCC teardown. They’ve done an analysis of the internals and provided directions on doing it yourself, if you’re so inclined. Predictably, it’s a hot topic in the media. Cory Doctorow wrote about why he won’t be getting an iPad, complaining about the closed, hacker-unfriendly design and what he calls the “Wal-martization of the software channel.” Daring Fireball’s John Gruber disagrees, pointing out that enthusiasts — even kids exercising their curiosity — are still quite capable of playing around with the iPad through app creation, and with much more of a chance to compete with big companies than in the Apple ][ days. Similarly, others are referring to it as the “bedtime computer” — technology that has a reasonable shot at expanding into completely new areas of use, like bedtime reading for kids. Such a device was predicted in 1972 by Alan Kay, the PARC scientist credited with the epigram “The best way to predict the future is to invent it.” His hypothetical DynaBook bears striking similarity to what Apple finally came up with. So, those of you who have picked up or received an iPad already: how do you like it?

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