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Amazon Kindle App For iPad Approved, Now Available On The App Store

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Kindle iPad app released

Early reviews of the iPad have been extremely positive and there is no doubt that Apple's new tablet device shall exceed our expectations when it launches in a few more hours. 

As it has been oft-quoted, book lovers are among the most targeted customers for the iPad and it will be interesting to see how Apple's iBookstore fares in this regard considering Amazon already holds a significant market share with its Kindle eReader and is also launching a Kindle app for the iPad.  

Last month we had reported speculations that the Kindle iPad app may not be available in time for the April 3rd launch since the Amazon app developers had not been able to test the application on a real device.  

However, news is now in that Amazon's Kindle app for iPad has been approved and is available on the App Store. The app makes use of the iPad's colorful UI to deliver engaging content to its users. Also, thanks to the larger real estate on the iPad, Kindle's iPad app offers a much improved reading experience over its iPhone counterpart. However, as you may already know, the app requires users to purchase new ebooks via the web browser and hence may not be as seamless as Apple's native iBooks application.  

Kindle iPad app released

Kindle iPad app released

While there has been a lot of debate over whether or not iBooks is a better iPad app than Kindle, reviewers have also been noting that the Kindle app for iPad actually renders a better reading experience over the standard Kindle eReader. According to Zee from TheNextWeb, the "visuals and overall experience" of the iPad makes Kindle eReader look like an "ancient predecessor". 

It will be interesting to see whether ebook readers will prefer the simplicity of Kindle eReader or the colorful, engaging nature of the iPad. Additionally, with iBooks offering an easy route to purchase new ebooks, we wonder if iPad users will prefer the iBookstore over Amazon's Kindle app. 

What do you think?

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Source: Amazon Kindle App For iPad Approved, Now Available On The App Store

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