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iPad News: iBooks Comes To The App Store, CBS And ABC To Stream Free Ad-Supported Video

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iPad news roundup

We are just a few hours away from the launch of the iPad

We are already seeing iPad Apps on the App Store as Apple gets ready to bring the much awaited device to its users. 

Apple has also released the iBooks application for iPad, which it had showcased during the special event to unveil its latest creation on January 27.

iBooks (iTunes link) , the eReader application that will let iPad users to purchase and read ebooks from the iBookstore is now available at the App Store. Apart from the several features announced during launch, the app will also come with a complimentary copy of Winnie-the-Pooh for users. Also, iBooks shall let users to read a free sample of books before purchasing the same from the iBookstore.

The iPad is being seen as an important new platform for major media houses and these companies have been adopting varying strategies to bring content to iPad users. While ABC is known to have developed its own iPad application (iTunes link) that will stream television content free of charge to the viewers, CBS is speculated to be taking the browser route for the same. Interestingly, both these networks are expected to monetize via in-content advertisements much in the same way as the networks monetize content on TV.

However, Hulu users may not be lucky to access content for free as the New York Times reports. In a report published recently, the newspaper claims that the company may be planning to offer paid subscriptions for iPad users. Hulu is among several companies that have been revamping their platform to render Flash-free multimedia content. 

Pointing to the growing number of websites that have been embracing the latest web standards like HTML5 to render content, Apple now has an 'iPad Ready' section on their website that offers a list of websites that are Flash-free. CNN, Reuters, Flickr and Vimeo are among the websites that now offer content in HTML5.

While the Wi-Fi version of iPad is guaranteed to reach the hands of customers who had pre-ordered a unit in a day's time, the device can also be purchased from third party retailers like Best Buy and through select authorized Apple resellers as well. While it is still not clear which of the 150 resellers would be stocking the iPads tomorrow, MacRumors notes that Best Buy shall be offering the iPad at approximately 675 stores nationwide through their "store-within-a-store" Apple Shop.

How eager are you to get your hands on the iPad? Will you be buying an iPad tomorrow? Let us know in the comments. 

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Source: iPad News: iBooks Comes To The App Store, CBS And ABC To Stream Free Ad-Supported Video

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