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Self-Destructing USB Stick

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Hugh Pickens writes “PC World reports that Victorinox, maker of the legendary Swiss Army Knife, has launched a new super-secure memory stick that sounds like something out of Mission: Impossible. The Secure Pro USB comes in 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB sizes, and provides a variety of security measures including fingerprint identification, a thermal sensor, and even a self-destruct mechanism. Victorinox says the Secure is ‘the most secure [device] of its kind available to the public.’ The Secure features a fingerprint scanner and a thermal sensor ‘so that the finger alone, detached from the body, will still not give access to the memory stick’s contents.’ While offering no explanation how the self-destruct mechanism works, Victorinox says that if someone tries to forcibly open the memory stick it triggers a self-destruct mechanism that ‘irrevocably burns [the Secure's] CPU and memory chip.’ At a contest held in London, Victorinox put its money where its mouth was and put the Secure Pro to the test offering a £100,000 cash prize ($149,000) to a team of professional hackers if they could break into the USB drive within two hours. They failed.”

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