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Video: iPhone 4G’s Display Leaked?

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4g network on iPhone 4g

Back in February, iResQ, the iPhone repair site had published photos of what it claimed were parts of the fourth generation iPhone.

Now folks at BGR have stumbled on a YouTube video from SmartphoneMedic, a local iPhone repair shop in Columbia, which it claims is the display of the fourth generation iPhone that is expected to be released in June.

BGR reports:

The spitting image of the display assembly we saw in an earlier leak, we’re starting to really warm up to the idea that this one-piece display assembly with a screen of roughly 3.7? is indeed the real deal.

You can checkout the video below and let us know if you think if it’s real or fake. If it's not fake and the real deal, then we wonder what's the hole for, on the left hand side of the speaker? Let's hope it's for a front facing camera or led indicator and not just a sensor.

[via BGR]

Source: Video: iPhone 4G’s Display Leaked?

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