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Open Source, Open Standards Under Attack In Europe

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Glyn Moody writes “A battle for the soul of European IT is taking place behind closed doors in Brussels. At stake is the key Digital Agenda for Europe, due to be unveiled in a month’s time. David Hammerstein, ex-Member of European Parliament for the Greens, tweeted last week: ‘SOS to everyone as sources confirm that Kroes is about to eliminate “open standards” policy from EU digital agenda; Kroes has been under intense lobbying pressure from Microsoft to get rid of interoperability and open source goals of EU.’ This is confirmed by the French magazine PC Inpact (Google translation), which also managed to obtain a copy of the draft Digital Agenda (DOC). It’s currently supportive of both open source and open standards — but for how much longer?”

Source: Open Source, Open Standards Under Attack In Europe

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