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Adobe Not Worried About the Future of Flash

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An anonymous reader writes “Adobe company man John Dowdell isn’t worried about the future of Flash. He writes in his company blog, ‘There’s really no “HTML vs Flash” war. There are sure people inciting to create such a war, and individual developers may have strong practical reasons to choose one technology over another, but at corporate levels that drive strategy, all delivery channels are important Adobe territory, whether SWF or HTML or video or documents or paper or ebook or e-mag or film or packaging or whatever. Adobe profits by making it easier for creatives to reach their audiences. We’re on the verge of a disruptive change that, I think, will dwarf that of the World Wide Web fifteen years ago. It was great back then when any wealthy person with a workstation in a wired environment could easily reach any creative’s webpage. With these cheaper devices we’ll be reaching far more people, and with pocket devices we’ll be reaching them throughout the day instead of just when “logged-on.” The WWW was merely a pale precursor of the excitement we’re going to see, I think.’ It’s interesting to note that he talks about the World Wide Web in the past tense. I find it instructive as to Adobe’s perspective. Personally, I’m not worried about the future of Flash either. I don’t think it has one.”

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