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Decoding Mobile Carriers’ Latest Push For Profits

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snydeq writes “InfoWorld’s Galen Gruman sifts through the ‘doubleplus ungood’ of this year’s CTIA and Mobile World Congress to spell out ‘Big Brother’ mobile carriers’ true designs for IT and smartphone users. From fake 4G salespitches, to mobile payment systems that hide text-messaging payment confirmation fees, to the inevitability of tier pricing for mobile data usage, no facet of smartphone use is beyond providers’ latest profit-engineering push. Even IT’s concerns over the invasion of mobile devices at their companies has become ‘a great excuse to sell warmed-over management tools to fearful IT and security execs.’ And make no mistake, mea culpas, like AT&T admitting to falling short on relieving 3G congestion, will result in additional opportunities to pad providers’ bottom lines by, say, buying a $150 femtocell from AT&T to help AT&T ‘solve’ its problem. ‘Of course, in typical Big Brother fashion, [AT&T] told the US government to stay out of wireless — meaning don’t regulate prices or impose Net neutrality — while also asking the government for more spectrum. You know the contradiction: The government is good when it gives you free or cheap services but bad when it tries to impose regulation to prevent abusive behavior: doublethink ungood.’”

Source: Decoding Mobile Carriers’ Latest Push For Profits

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