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Cooling the Planet With a Bubble Bath

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cremeglace writes “A Harvard University physicist has come up with a new way to cool parts of the planet: pump vast swarms of tiny bubbles into the sea to increase its reflectivity and lower water temperatures. ‘Since water covers most of the earth, don’t dim the sun,’ says the scientist, Russell Seitz, speaking from an international meeting on geoengineering research. ‘Brighten the water.’ From ScienceNOW: ‘Computer simulations show that tiny bubbles could have a profound cooling effect. Using a model that simulates how light, water, and air interact, Seitz found that microbubbles could double the reflectivity of water at a concentration of only one part per million by volume. When Seitz plugged that data into a climate model, he found that the microbubble strategy could cool the planet by up to 3C. He has submitted a paper on the concept he calls “Bright Water” to the journal Climatic Change.’”

Source: Cooling the Planet With a Bubble Bath

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