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Tridgell Recommends Reading Software Patents

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H4x0r Jim Duggan writes “In a recent talk, Andrew Tridgell rejected the common fears about triple damages: ‘If you’ve got one lot of damages for patent infringement, what would happen to the project? It’s dead. If it gets three lots of damages for patent infringement, what happens to the project? It’s still dead.’ Tridge then explains the right way to read a patent and build a legal defense: ‘That first type of defence is really the one you want, it’s called: non-infringement. And that is: “we don’t do that. The patent says X, we don’t do X, therefore go away, sue someone else, it’s not relevant for us.” That’s the defence you want. [...] Next one, prior art: [...] Basically the argument is: somebody else did that before. It’s a very, very tricky argument to get right. Extremely tricky, and it is the most common argument bandied about in the free software community. And if you see it in the primary defence against a patent, you should cringe because it is an extremely unsafe way of doing things.’ There are even some tips in the talk specifically for Slashdotters.”

Source: Tridgell Recommends Reading Software Patents

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