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Open Source Is Not a Democracy

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itwbennett writes “A recent kerfuffle within the Ubuntu community serves as a reminder of an inconvenient truth: open source is not a democracy, writes blogger Brian Proffitt. ‘The discussion started innocuously enough, within Bug #532633 in light-themes (Ubuntu) on Launchpad, where the order of the window controls within the Light theme were requested to be re-arranged to be on the upper right side of any given window. Light, it seemed, now placed the buttons on the left side, similar to the Mac OS X interface.’ The discussion turned into an argument and culminated in this exchange in which Mark Shuttleworth lays down the law:
‘It’s fair comment that this was a big change, and landed without warning. There aren’t any good reasons for that, but it’s also true that no amount of warning would produce consensus about a decision like this… No. This is not a democracy. Good feedback, good data, are welcome. But we are not voting on design decisions.’”

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