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Is the Line-in Jack On the Verge of Extinction?

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SlashD0tter writes “Many older sound cards were shipped with line-out, microphone-in, and a line-in jacks. For years I’ve used such a line-in jack on an old Windows 2000 dinosaur desktop that I bought in 2000 (600 Mhz PIII) to capture the stereo audio signal from an old Technics receiver. I’ve used this arrangement to recover the audio from a slew of old vinyl LPs and even a few cassettes using some simple audio manipulating software from a small shop in Australia. I’ve noticed only recently, unfortunately, that all of the four laptops I’ve bought since then have omitted a line-in jack, forcing me to continue keeping this old desktop on life support. I’ve looked around for USB sound cards that include a line-in jack, but I haven’t been too impressed by the selection. Is the line-in jack doomed to extinction, possibly due to lobbying from vested interests, or are there better thinking-outside-the-box alternatives available?”

Source: Is the Line-in Jack On the Verge of Extinction?

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