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Mario Reduced To 8×8 With Open Source and Arduino

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adeelarshad82 writes “The open-source Arduino electronics platform has received a ton of attention from the hardware enthusiast community. And one more follower is joining the fray–Mario himself. The mustachioed plumber of console video game fame has been converted into an eight-by-eight LED matrix by Carnegie Mellon University student Chloe Fan. However, the game isn’t quite the Mario you know from your legacy Nintendo Entertainment System. For starters, it’s just lights. While one often sees the game’s LED-backed grid used in devices like the open-source Monome, where it can function as a push-button toggle for music beats and effects, Fan’s version of Mario uses the grid as a display only. Mario–or rather, a one-light representation of the game’s hero–is controlled NES-style through the use of two buttons. One button makes Mario move forward; the other makes him leap into the air.”

Source: Mario Reduced To 8×8 With Open Source and Arduino

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