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Good Language Choice For School Programming Test?

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An anonymous reader writes “The Australian Informatics Olympiad programming test is being run in a couple of months. I’m an experienced programmer and I’m thinking of volunteering to tutor interested kids at my children’s school to get them ready. There will be children of all levels in the group, from those that can’t write ‘hello world’ in any language, to somewhat experienced programmers. For those starting from scratch, I’m wondering what language to teach them to code in. Accepted languages are C, C++, Pascal, Java, PHP, Python and Visual Basic. I’m leaning towards Python, because it is a powerful language with a simple syntax. However, the test has a run-time CPU seconds limit, so using an interpreted language like Python could put the students at a disadvantage compared to using C. Is it better to teach them something in 2 months that they’re likely to be able to code in but possibly run foul of the CPU time limit, or struggle to teach them to code in a more complicated syntax like C/C++ which would however give them the best chance of having a fast solution?”

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