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SCO Asked O’Gara To Smear Groklaw

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I Don’t Believe in Imaginary Property writes “PJ of Groklaw has found some really interesting documents coming out of the never-ending SCO trial. Specifically, in SCO v. Novell, SCO doesn’t want the jury to find out about the email Blake Stowell (then a PR guy for SCO) sent to Maureen O’Gara that asked her to ‘send a jab PJ’s way.’ For those who don’t remember that far back in the SCO saga, the ‘jab’ was when O’Gara wrote an inaccurate, rambling and irrelevant ‘exposé’ on PJ which got O’Gara fired for violating journalistic ethics after angry readers complained to the publisher—an act which caused Ms. O’Gara to tell SCO, ‘I want war pay.’ For those wondering how they can keep going after that final judgment against SCO over a year ago, it’s hard to do the saga justice without glossing over everything, but the short version is that SCO ran to bankruptcy after they were mostly dead, but before becoming completely dead. That automatically stopped all the cases against SCO due to standard bankruptcy court rules, then SCO effectively re-litigated a bunch of issues via bankruptcy court rules. Currently, they’re accusing Novell of ‘slander of title’ over copyrights that two different courts have ruled SCO does not own, and we’re waiting to see if a jury will reach the same conclusion. They’re also trying to use the company’s lawsuits as assets and to sell them to various SCO insiders so that the legal wranglings can continue even if nothing is left of SCO. From the very start, SCO has always been the type to fight dirty.”

Source: SCO Asked O’Gara To Smear Groklaw

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