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Key Web App Standard Approaches Consensus

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suraj.sun tips a report up at CNet which begins:
“Browser makers, grappling with outmoded technology and a vision to rebuild the Web as a foundation for applications, have begun converging on a seemingly basic but very important element of cloud computing. That ability is called local storage, and the new mechanism is called Indexed DB. Indexed DB, proposed by Oracle and initially called WebSimpleDB, is largely just a prototype at this stage, not something Web programmers can use yet. But already it’s won endorsements from Microsoft, Mozilla, and Google, and together, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome account for more than 90 percent of the usage on the Net today. ‘Indexed DB is interesting to both Firefox and Microsoft, so if we get to the point where we prototype it and want to ship it, it will have very wide availability,’ said Chris Blizzard, director of evangelism for Mozilla. … Microsoft publicly endorsed Indexed DB on its IE blog: ‘Together with Mozilla, we’re excited about a new design for local storage called Indexed DB. We think this is a great solution for the Web,’ said program manager Adrian Bateman.”

Source: Key Web App Standard Approaches Consensus

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