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Here Come the Linux iPad Clones

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CWmike writes “You can now pre-order an Apple iPad; but do you really want to, asks Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols. ‘I mean, I get why you’d want an iPad. I’d like one too,’ he writes. ‘But,’ he says, ‘when I consider that there are soon going to be literally dozens of cheaper, Linux-powered iPad devices on the market, I find it a lot easier to resist putting $499 on my credit card. On top of that, Apple will be including DRM on some eBooks and other iPad content. I really, really hate DRM. All that said, I agree the iPad is really cool. I predict with absolute faith that the iPad and its clones are going to kill off single purpose devices like dedicated eReaders such as Amazon’s Kindle and GPS devices within the next three years. How can it not work out this way? For the same price as a high-end dedicated device you can get a tablet that will do everything they can do and far more. But, and this is the important bit, you don’t have to buy an Apple iPad to get all of the iPad’s goodies. ARM, a mobile microprocessor power, is predicting that we’ll see no less than 50 ARM-processor-powered iPad clones by year’s end. And, what will they be running? These ARM-powered entertainment tablets will all be running Linux.’”

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