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Sony’s PS3 Motion Controller Gets Demoed and Named

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itwbennett writes “In a 45-minute press conference at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, Sony announced its motion controller, officially named the Playstation Move. The Move consists of the Eye Toy (a camera pointed at the player) and a wand-like controller with a lighted ball at the end and a range of buttons on the shaft, writes blogger Peter Smith. ‘Alternatively games can use two of the wands, or one wand and one “sub-controller” that has an analog stick (the camera is always required),’ says Smith. ‘If this is sounding very much like the Wii’s Remote and Nunchuk well, you aren’t far off (though at least there’s no cable between the two parts to smack you in the face when things get heated).’ Here are Smith’s thoughts on the demo: ‘All in all, the demos seemed OK, but I, at least, wasn’t really blown away by any of them. That said, it’s always hard to tell how well these systems work without actually trying them for yourself. You need to feel the connection (or lack thereof) between what your hands are doing and what’s going on on-screen in order to be sure. For example, in the boxing demo the player did a quick spin move that led to a roundhouse punch. It’s hard to say if his motion triggered a pre-set action (a ‘combo’) or if the system was able to track the controller that accurately, and was able to ‘connect the dots’ from when his body briefly occluded the wand to when it reappeared.’”

Source: Sony’s PS3 Motion Controller Gets Demoed and Named

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