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Apple’s iPhone Developer License Agreement Revealed

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nigham writes “The EFF is publicly disclosing a version of Apple’s iPhone developer program license agreement. The highlights: you can’t disclose the agreement itself (the EFF managed to get it via the Freedom of Information Act thanks to NASA’s recent app), Apple reserves the right to kill your app at any time with no reason, and Apple’s liability in any circumstance is limited to 50 bucks. There’s also this gem: ‘You will not, through use of the Apple Software, services or otherwise create any Application or other program that would disable, hack, or otherwise interfere with the Security Solution, or any security, digital signing, digital rights management, verification or authentication mechanisms implemented in or by the iPhone operating system software, iPod Touch operating system software, this Apple Software, any services or other Apple software or technology, or enable others to do so.’ The entire agreement (PDF) is up at the EFF’s site.”

Source: Apple’s iPhone Developer License Agreement Revealed

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