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MIT Produces Electricity Using Thermopower Waves

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MikeChino writes “MIT scientists have discovered a never-before-known phenomenon wherein carbon nanotubes can be used to harness energy from ‘thermopower waves.’ To do this they coated the nanotubes with a reactive fuel and then lit one end, causing a fast-moving thermal wave to speed down the length of the tube. The heat from the fuel rises to a temperature of 3,000 kelvins, and can speed along the tube 10,000 times faster than the normal spread of this chemical reaction. The heat also pushes electrons down the tube, which creates a substantial electrical current. The system can output energy (in proportion to its weight) about 100x greater than an equivalent weight lithium-ion battery, and according to MIT the discovery ‘opens up a new area of energy research, which is rare.’”

Source: MIT Produces Electricity Using Thermopower Waves

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