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Apple’s “iKey” Wants To Unlock All Doors

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Pickens writes “The Telegraph reports that Apple is developing technology, already being nicknamed the ‘iKey,’ which will allow users to gain access to their office and unlock their car or front door with a single electronic device like an iPhone. Users would simply have to enter a PIN and wave the device over an electronic pad fitted beside a door to open it. ‘The device can communicate with an external device to open a lock. By way of example, the electronic device may be a model of an iPhone,’ says the newly released patent application. ‘The external device may be any suitable electronic device such as a portable media player, personal data assistant or electronic lock that may be used to access a door, car, house, or other physical area.’ The technology behind the invention is known as Near Field Communication; it allows electronic devices to transmit information when in proximity. ‘If true, it’s a very big deal. As well as opening doors and unlocking your car, it could also turn your iPhone into an electronic wallet and ID card,’ says Leander Kahney, a consumer technology expert. ‘The trouble is that the technology hasn’t gone completely mainstream. If Apple were to adopt the technology, they would likely set the standard, and that would drive widespread adoption as everyone scrambles to make their systems iPhone-friendly.’”

Source: Apple’s “iKey” Wants To Unlock All Doors

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