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Mariposa Botnet Authors Unlikely To See Jail Time

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krebsonsecurity writes “Three Spanish men were arrested last month for allegedly building an international network of more than 12 million hacked PCs that were used for everything from identity theft to spamming. But according to Spanish authorities and security experts who helped unravel the crime ring, the accused may very well never see the inside of a jail cell even if they are ultimately found guilty, due to insufficient cyber-crime legislation in Spain. ‘It is almost impossible to be sent to prison for these kinds of crimes in Spain, where prison is mainly for serious crime cases,’ said Captain Cesar Lorenzana, deputy head technology crime division of the Spanish Civil Guard. … Spain is one of nearly three dozen countries that is a signatory to the Council of Europe’s cybercrime treaty, but Spanish legislators have not yet ratified the treaty by passing anti-cybercrime laws that would bring its judicial system in line with the treaty’s goals.”

Source: Mariposa Botnet Authors Unlikely To See Jail Time

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