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First Creation of Anti-Strange Hypernuclei

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runagate writes “Brookhaven National Laboratory has created a heretofore unknown form of matter. The matter we normally encounter, and are composed of, has nuclei of protons and neutrons that contain no strange quarks. It was known that anti-strange matter could exist, and using the Solenoidal Tracker at Brookhaven’s RHIC, scientists detected a couple of dozen instances of antihypernuclei. The ‘Z’ axis of the Periodic Table has already been extended in the positive direction by the discovery of hypernuclei, but this new discovery extends it in the negative direction for this new type of ‘strange’ antimatter — which may exist in the core of collapsed stars and may provide insight into why our universe appears to be made almost solely of matter and not antimatter.” The Register’s coverage reproduces a helpful diagram.

Source: First Creation of Anti-Strange Hypernuclei

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