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Typical Windows User Patches Every 5 Days

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CWmike writes “The typical home user running Windows faces the ‘unreasonable’ task of patching software an average of every five days, security research company Secunia said on Thursday. ‘It’s completely unreasonable to expect users to master so many different patch mechanisms and spend so much time patching,’ said Thomas Kristensen, the company’s CSO. The result: Few consumers devote the time and attention necessary to stay atop the patching job, which leaves them open to attack. Secunia says that of the users who ran the company’s Personal Software Inspector in the last week of January, half had 66 or more programs from 22 or more different vendors on their machines. … Secunia has published a white paper (PDF) that details its findings.”

Source: Typical Windows User Patches Every 5 Days

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