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Throttle Shared Users With OS X — Is It Possible?

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whisper_jeff writes “I work in a design studio where the production director is also the owner’s son (translation = he can do no wrong). He is fond of accessing a designer’s computer via filesharing and working directly on files off of the designer’s computers rather than transferring the files to his computer to work on them there. In so doing, he causes the designer’s computer to grind to a near-halt as the harddrive is now tasked with his open/save requests along with whatever the designer is doing. Given that there is no way he’s going to change his ways (since he doesn’t see anything wrong with it…), I was wondering if there was a way to throttle a user’s shared access to a computer (Mac OSX 10.5.8) so that his remote working would have minimal impact on our work. Google searches have revealed nothing helpful (maybe I should Bing it… :) so I was hoping someone with more technical expertise on Slashdot could offer a suggestion.”

Source: Throttle Shared Users With OS X — Is It Possible?

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