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Google Indexing In Near-Realtime

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krou writes “ReadWriteWeb is covering Google’s embrace of a system that would enable any Web publisher to ‘automatically submit new content to Google for indexing within seconds of that content being published.’ Google’s Brett Slatkin is lead developer of PuSH, or PubSubHubbub, a real-time syndication protocol based on ATOM, where ‘a publisher tells the world about a Hub that it will notify every time new content is published.’ Subscribers then wait for the hub to notify them of the new content. Says RWW: ‘If Google can implement an Indexing by PuSH program, it would ask every website to implement the technology and declare which Hub they push to at the top of each document, just like they declare where the RSS feeds they publish can be found. Then Google would subscribe to those PuSH feeds to discover new content when it’s published. PuSH wouldn’t likely replace crawling, in fact a crawl would be needed to discover PuSH feeds to subscribe to, but the real-time format would be used to augment Google’s existing index.’ PuSH is an open protocol, and Slatkin says that ‘I am being told by my engineering bosses to openly promote this open approach even to our competitors.’”

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