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The Computer That Can Read Your Mind

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magacious writes “Gtec has showcased a computer that can read your mind over at the CeBIT trade show in Germany. Designed primarily to help those who can’t write or speak, the system makes use of a skull cap and wireless technology to transform brain waves into letters. It’s the first patient-ready computer-brain interface, according to its Austrian makers. It takes around 30 seconds per letter for the computer to recognise what you’re saying the first time you use it, according to Gtec, but this improves vastly with practice. ‘”One second per letter is very tough,” Gtec’s Engelbert Grunbacher said, adding users can usually easily get to five or 10 letters per minute. “You learn to be relaxed, focused. You improve.”‘ It might look quite wacky (pictures here) and at €9,000 the system is not cheap, but it could help enhance the lives of many people who have a great deal to say but no real way of saying it.”

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