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Terry Childs’s Slow Road To Justice

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snydeq writes “Deep End’s Paul Venezia provides an update on the City of San Francisco’s trial against IT admin Terry Childs, which — at eight weeks and counting — hasn’t even seen the defense begin to present its case. The main spotlight thus far has been on the testimony of San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom. ‘Many articles about this case have pounced on the fact that after Childs gave the passwords to the mayor, they couldn’t immediately be used. Most of these pieces chalk this up to some kind of secondary infraction on Childs’s part,’ Venezia writes. ‘Just because you give someone a password doesn’t mean that person knows how to use it. Childs’s security measures would have included access lists that blocked attempted logins from non-specified IP addresses or subnets. In short, it was nothing out of the ordinary if you know anything about network security.’ But while the lack of technical expertise in the case is troubling, encouraging is the fact that the San Francisco Chronicle’s ‘breathless piece reporting on the mayor’s testimony‘ drew comments 10-to-1 in Childs’s favor, which may indicate that ‘public opinion of this case has tilted in favor of the defense,’ Venezia writes. Of course, ‘if [the trial] drags into summer, Childs will have the dubious honor of being held in jail for two full years.’ This for a man who ‘ultimately protected the [City's] network until the bitter end.’”

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